Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Half Way Point

Week 4 of my training plan is over. Since my last post I finally found a full time job. Because of said job I have really had to make sacrifices in my riding. Weeks 2 and 3 coincided with training at work which meant I did some riding after work and then did my big ride on my day off. Week 4 on the other hand saw only 2 days of riding, but both days were big days totaling 105 miles.

Last Thursday I did 54 miles, my longest ride to date. It was a horrible ride. I started to late in the morning and ended when it was already at its hottest(did I mention its already getting well into the 80's here). on top of that I had to deal with construction. By the time I got home I was over heated, dehydrated and sun burned! I learned lot about Cycling that day and a lot about my own needs. WAY MORE WATER!!!

Fast forward to Sunday. I planned a different 50 mile route. It was another out and back that was in part a preview of the first 13 miles of the of the 73 mile charity ride I am training for. As it was my day off I woke up early, by 5:30 I was eating oatmeal and drinking water, by 7 I was on my way. This ride was a lot better on all fronts, even though I did end it a little dehydrated.

Right now I am into week 5 and I will only get in about 75 miles, 55 on Thursday and 20 miles before work on Sunday. Week 6 on the other hand, if all goes to plan should see me putting in a total of 135 miles with one ride being 60 miles long.

I am already thinking about what I will do after this charity ride. I defiantly want to work on my speed and lose some more weight. Maybe my next big goal will to ride the 105 mile El Tour de Tucson.

Ill just say its great to finally be working a full time job. Its a reliable source of income and I always found that a job help give life some structure. That said its not a dream job. Starting next fall I will finally be taking classes in avioncs and once that is complete I hope to get my dream job.

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