Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tour of the Tucson mountains ride report.


Ok 73 miles isn't much for some, but I'm stoked, tired but stoked.

As some of you know I have been training for this for the last 2 months. Training started out great until I found full time employment. Even with weird work schedules and every thing I continued to build up my miles but I never got much more than 50 miles.

Fast forward to this morning. I woke up at 4am to have Oat meal and a sports drink. I had gotten every thing together last night So all I had to do was get dressed and roll out. I got to the start area at about 5:30. It was a cool 50 degrees so I hung out in my car for half an hour. With a 6:30 start time that gave me time to talk to other riders which was cool cause I never get to do that.

Over all I took it pretty easy the first half of the ride. I played it safe since the start seemed to be the most dangerous time, actually saw 3 crashes in the first 10 miles. At about the 10 mile mark we hit some of the harshest roads in town, I call them the Tucson cobbles. There were some hills further into the ride but it was pretty flat.

After heading to the south side of town we took a right turn onto Ajo way. This road is flat and straight. I was able to really pick up my speed. nothing really to report here.

After Ajo we finally start heading north again. it is at this point I finally stop at an aid station to get more water. This is were I learned a lesson, the profile that was sent out by the organizers made it seem like the last 25 mile stretch was down hill for the most part. Well it wasn't. it was a solid 15 miles of uphill. ever so gradual with some rollers. this is were I cooked myself. I went to hard and alone. I could have hung on with a group and paced myself but they seemed to be going to slow for me, needless to say the passed may with 10 miles to go.

By the time I hit level ground I am at my limit. keep in mind 63 miles is already 13 more than I have ever done. every thing was going wrong, feet started to hurt, I was on the verge of cramps the rest of the way and I was beat. A few times I just thought about stopping to take a break but I didn't let myself, I had a goal I still wanted to fight for. When I got to the finish line I had to stop to hand over my time chip and I kinda cramped up when I unclipped, kinda embarrassing cause I let out a little whimper. Soft pedaled to my car, changed shoes and walked over to the results tent.

I was really sure that I had passed the 4.5 mile benchmark but when I showed them my number the handed me a silver medal(given to riders who complete the course between 3 and 4.5 hours)
I was over the moon cause that was my goal to get the silver. I also raised $265 for the charities.

All in all not a bad experience. I will do something like this again but maybe not in the near future. I earned some valuable experiences and lessons and also kinda surprised my self that i could do it.


  1. thats so cool! im so proud of you!!! you did great!

  2. Nice one. The moment we dare ourselves to do things in which we think we can never do, oftentimes it surprises us. To excel, we must keep on trying.


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  3. When you gonna update? I enjoy this blog...update it. :)