Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A great day for a ride.

Ok so the first week of the year was a little slow going. I put in less than 20 miles on the bike. In the two months since I came back from Italy I have been rather stressed about a number issues, including not having a job or any money, and that stress had a real impact on my desire to ride. Thats part of the reason I set the goal of 2500 miles.

Today was different. I was much more motivated! I got in a 18.5 mile ride this morning and its only Monday. It was a cool day, maybe 42 and sunny when I started, but not to bad. Its the first time I have been on the bike with such low temps. This bodes well for getting back on track this week and its a huge confidence booster. The plan now? keep riding.

On another note I finally found a job. Its just a part time gig but its a huge load off my shoulders. Also the Avionics program is a go in March.

Till next time...

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